Posted: June 19, 2019
Board games

Introducing WPL's new board game collection, available at the Main Library, featuring more than 40 games for you to choose from, with 125 total copies available. From stacking games for children like Animal Upon Animal, to cooperative games like Pandemic where you work as a team to win, our collection has a little bit of everything.

Check out the full list of games in our Catalogue or visit a service desk at any WPL location and ask for the list of games to peruse.

Borrowing Board Games

Board Games are currently available at the Main Library and can be borrowed for a 7-day loan period with a possible 2 renewals and maximum of 2 games per library card. Holds are permitted and can be picked up at any WPL location. Fines are $1.00/day per game.

Returning Board Games

Games must be returned directly to library staff at a service desk at any WPL location. Please do not return the games through the returns slots/bins at any time including after hours. 

Benefits of Gaming

Did you know there are many health benefits to playing games? They're great for your mental health and help prolong cognitive decline as you age. Plus, for anyone who has experienced brain trauma or prolonged illness, board games help to retrain the brain and regain a sense of normalcy.