WPL’s Best Sellers – Fiction – Spring 2020

We’re happy to share a long list of soon-to-be/newly published novels by popular authors. All of these titles will be ordered by WPL.  Due to their popularity, holds are highly recommended.

Allain, Suzanne - Mr. Malcolm's List
Andrews, Mary Kay - Hello, Summer
Andrews, V.C. - The Shadows of Foxworth
Bell, Ted - Dragonfire
Bova, Ben - Space Station Down
Bova, Ben - Uranus
Bowen, Rhys - The Last Mrs. Summers
Brooks, Terry - The Last Druid
Brown, Dale - Eagle Station
Burke, James Lee - A Private Cathedral
Carson, Rae - The Rise of Skywalker
Chakraborty, S.A. - The Empire of Gold
Chiaverini, Jennifer - Mrs. Lincoln's Sisters
Colgan, Jenny - 500 Miles From You
Connolly, John - The Dirty South
Connolly, Michael - Fair Warning
Cornwell, Patricia - Spin
Coulter, Catherine - Deadlock
Cussler, Clive - Untitled Oregon #15
Davis, Lindsey - The Grove of the Caesars
del Toro, Guillermo & Chuck Hogan - The Hollow Ones
Delinsky, Barbara - A Week at the Shore
Doctor, Farzana - Seven
Doyle, Roddy - Two for the Road
Elliott, Kate - Unconquerable Sun
Ellis, Kate - The Burial Circle
Feist, Raymond - Queen of Storms
Ferrante, Elena - The Lying Life of Adults
Follett, Ken - The Evening and the Morning
Freeman, Brian - Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Evolution
Gear, Kathleen and Michael - People of the Canyons
Gibson, Rachel - How Lulu Lost Her Mind
Griffin, W.E.B. - The Attack
Grisham, John - Camino Winds
Hamilton, Ian - The Diamond Queen of Singapore
Hamilton, Karen - The Last Wife
Hamilton, Laurell K. - Sucker Punch
Harrison, Kim - American Demon
Hart, Ellen - In a Midnight Wood
Higgins, Kristan - Always the Last to Know
Hilderbrand, Elin - 28 Summers
Humphreys, Helen - Rabbit Foot Bill
Ignatius, David - The Paladin : a spy novel
Itani, Frances - Good Grief
Jackson, Lisa - You Betrayed Me
Jenner, Natalie - The Jane Austen Society
Kealey, Imogen - Liberation
Kellerman, Jonathan - Half Moon Bay
Kidd, Sue Monk - The Book of Longings : a novel
King, Laurie R. - Riviera Gold
King, Stephen - If It Bleeds
Kingsbury, Karen - Someone Like You
Kinsella, Sophie - Untitled
Koontz, Dean - Devoted
Lackey, Mercedes - Spy, Spy Again
Lupica, Mike - Robert B. Parker's Fool's Paradise
Lustbader, Eric - The Nemesis Manifesto
Malerman, Josh - Malorie : a Bird Box novel
Martin, Kat - The Betrayal
Mbue, Imbolo - How Beautiful We Were
McCall Smith, Alexander - The Geometry of Holding Hands
Montefiore, Santa - Here and Now
Paolini, Christopher - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
Paris, B.A. - The Dilemma
Patterson, James - Cajun Justice
Patterson, James - The River Murders
Patterson, James & Brendan du Bois - The Summer House
Patterson, James & Candice Fox - Hush
Patterson, James & Andrew Holmes - Revenge
Patterson, James & Maxine Paetro - The 20th Victim
Patterson, James & Shan Serafin - Three Women Disappear
Patterson, James & Chris Tebbetts - 1st Case
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Dance Away With Me
Picoult, Jodi - The Book of Two Ways
Reich, Christopher - The Palace
Robards, Karen - The Black Swan of Paris
Robb, J.D. - Shadows in Death
Rovin, Jeff - Tom Clancy's Op-Center : God of War
Russo, Kate - Super Host
Salvatore, R.A. - Relentless
Slaughter, Karin - The Silent Wife
Smith, Brad - Cactus Jack : a novel
Smith, Brad - The Goliath Run
Steel, Danielle - Daddy's Girls
Steel, Danielle - Royal
Strube, Cordelia - Misconduct of the Heart
Taylor, Andrew - The Last Protector
Thayer, Nancy - Girls of Summer
Thor, Brad - Near Dark
Tidhar, Lavie - By Force Alone
Trollope, Joanna - Mum & Dad
Turow, Scott - The Last Trial
Ward, J.R. - The Jackal
Weiner, Jennifer - Big Summer : a novel
Wiggs, Susan - The Lost and Found Bookshop
Willett, Marcia - The Garden House
Wingate, Lisa - The Book of Lost Friends
Woods, Stuart - Choppy Water
Woods, Stuart and Parnell Hall - Bombshell
Zahn, Timothy - Star Wars : Thrawn Ascendancy