WPL’s Best Sellers – Non-Fiction – Winter 2020

We’re happy to share a long list of soon-to-be/newly published books which we are sure will be very popular with our customers. All of these titles will be ordered by WPL. Due to their popularity, holds are highly recommended.

Albright, Madeleine - Hell and Other Destinations
Amiel, Barbara - Friends & Enemies
Baking Show Team - The Great British Baking Show : the big book of amazing cakes
Ballard, Robert - Bob Ballard : an explorer's life
Barclay, Linwood - Ford AbomiNation
Bauermeister, Erica - House Lessons : renovating a life
Bennett, Kate - Free, Melania
Brokaw, Tom - The Fall of Richard Nixon : a reporter remembers Watergate
Burton, Hilarie - The Rural Diaries : what moving to mischief farm taught me about what really matters in life, love and making dandelion wine
Clavin, Tom - Tombstone
Clinton, Hilary Rodham and Chelsea Clinton - The Book of Gutsy Women
Cook, Tim - The Fight for History
Drummon, Ree - Untitled Pioneer Woman Mother's Day Book (note: title will be confirmed soon)
Dyson, Michael Eric - Jay-Z : made in America
Foer, Esther Safran - I Want You to Know We're Still Here : a post-Holocaust memoir
Follett, Ken - Notre Dame
Henein, Marie - Nothing But the Truth
Hibbs, Monika - Gather at Home
Howard, Dylan - Diana : case solved
Johnson, Betsey - Betsey : a memoir
Keaton, Diane - Brother & Sister : a memoir
Kondo, Marie - Joy at Work
Landdeck, Katherine Sharp - The Women With Silver Wings : the inspiring true story of the Women Airforce Service pilots of World War II
Larson, Erik - The Splendid and the Vile : a saga of Churchill, family and defiance during The Blitz
Meltzer, Marias - This is Big : how the founder of Weight Watchers changed the world -- and me
Pak, Jung H. - Becoming Kim Jong Un
Palahniuk, Chuck - Consider This
Palin, Michael - North Korea Journal
Patterson, James - The House of Kennedy
Richardson, Sarah - Collected : City + Country, Volume No. 1
Sampson, Curt - Roaring Back : the fall and rise of Tiger Woods
Simpson, Jessica - Untitled : a memoir (note: title will be announced soon)
Snowden, Edward - Permanent Record
Stewart, Nikita - Troop 6000 : how a group of homeless Girl Scouts inspired the world
Thunberg, Greta - Our House is On Fire
Trump Jr., Donald - Triggered : how the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us
Tyson, Neil deGrasse - Letters From an Astrophysicist
Underwood, Carrie - Find Your Path
Vonn, Lindsey - Rise : my story
Wead, Doug - Trump as President : the inside story of his first years in the White House
Wiehl, Lis & Lisa Pulitzer - Hunting the Unabomber