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Beautiful Ballerinas

ballerinasBeautiful Ballerinas
Call #: JN D
by Elizabeth Dombey
illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas

In this new nonfiction 8×8, kids will learn all about ballet: the most famous ballets, the positions, the outfits, the fun–and the hard work! It’s not all roses and tutus for ballerinas. Dancing takes hard work and lots of practice. Beautiful Ballerinas will introduce readers to the beautiful dance of ballet with a mix of both illustrations and photos that will bring the dance to life!

Beautiful Ballerinas covers the concept The Arts.

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Fairy Lies

Fairy Lies
Call #: J BAKER
by E. D. Baker

“The fairy princess Tamisin has been kidnapped from her home in the human world by Oberon, king of the fairies, who thinks he’s her father. When Tamisin’s boyfriend Jak finds out, he sets off to rescue her. In this funny and heartwarming romp through a land of fairies, goblins, sphinxes, unicorns, and many more, Tamisin and Jak try to regain their romance even as they find their way back to the human world.”

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