Posted: June 19, 2019
Parents reading with child on picnic

Welcome to summer edition of PDF icon In the Loop, WPL's program and events guide.

This summer we have 80 free programs and special events planned including the always incredibly popular Summer Reading Club. Each year over 2000 kids (that's right!) register for this awesome, super fun program and this year the SRC is expanding in very exciting ways that are out of this world!

Some of our programs do require registration while others are drop-in. Programs take place at all WPL locations but also at parks and other facilities in our community. You will find all of this important information inside In the Loop.

In the Loop also contains a handy at-a-glance calendar to give you an overview of all of the happenings at your library.

From butterflies to road hockey physics, stargazing to live music, yoga to escape rooms, there is something happening for everyone in your family this summer at WPL. See you at the library!