The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck

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The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck
Call #: J FAIRL
by Emily Fairlie

Tips for solving the treasure challenge created by your crazy school founder over eighty years ago

By Laurie Madison and Bud Wallace, Grade 6

  • Be suspicious of student journalists. And maybe janitors, too.
  • Make friends with your ancient school librarian. If her blue hair freaks you out, get over it.
  • Be prepared to sing like an angel or, at the very least, like a pirate.
  • Never underestimate the usefulness of furry rodents (especially flesh-eating ones).
  • Avoid the English wing. Seriously. You don’t want to go there.

Using a unique blend of notes, lists, and classic prose, The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck tells the story of Bud and Laurie’s quest to find the infamous Tutweiler Treasure. They’re hot (or at least lukewarm) on the trail of clues, but time is running out—the school board wants to tear down Tuckernuck Hall. Can Bud and Laurie find the treasure before it’s lost forever?”

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