How long is a session?
Each session is a maximum of 3 hours, although staff can extend the time if there is availability. Please keep in mind that the conversion happens in real time (the length of your video is the amount of time required for the conversion and that you will need to be at the station).
Is there a cost?

No, use of the video converter is free.

How do I save my converted files?
We recommend that you bring a USB drive with you to save your files. You can save your files directly to a DVD, however this may not allow you to save them in other places in the future as you can't always copy DVDs.
Will someone teach me how to use the converter?

Our staff have compiled a short instruction document to help you through the process of using the VHS converter. 

If you would like further assistance please book a Tech Connect appointment and a staff person will provide one-on-one assistance with the VHS converter.